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adidas Running teams up with AKTIV for a select capsule of footwear focused on the NYC marathon and the AKTIV Against Cancer movement. The organization, founded by adidas athlete and running icon Grete Waitz, has teamed up with adidas for five years straight, and they’ve marked that 5-year anniversary with some great offerings in the coming days – the adidas Tempo Boost, the adidas Grete Boost nikesdunksb , and a load of apparel that will be sold, with every single penny from the proceeds going to AKTIV. You can find the official booth at the TCS New York City Marathon Health and Fitness Expo at the Javits Center. On top of the apparel and footwear sales, adidas Running is asking runners, fans, and visitors to post on social media with the #MyStepMatters hashtag with an image of a hand symbol in shape of on A, and for each entry, adidas will donate $1 to AKTIV. Truly a great cause bolstered by some sweet running kicks, so check out the collection below.

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In the past year, I have lost my faith and no longer practice

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